It wasn't logic. It was love
White people be wilding out.

Went to costco and had to get rowdy with a white lady trying to steal my cart!
Always trying to conquer something that isn’t theirs..😒


I’m here finally excited over a great opportunity that came my way, and you find a way to ruin my day and crush my excitement over a situation I have NO say in. Ugh. I want this to be over :(

Why is it so fucking painful talking to some people?

Maybe I’m just moody as fuck but lately everyone annoys the hell out of me.
Can everyone just try to use some common sense? Ugh.

Nothing I do is right

Im a bad person because we don’t share the same beliefs
I’m a bad person because I will voice my opinion and you stay quiet.
I’m a bad person because I spend money
I’m a bad person because I make my son my PRIORITY
I’m a bad person because I do not agree with you.
How about a big FUCK YOU.
Can’t wait to turn my back on you the way everyone else has.


Even God rested on the sabbath! Im so sick sick sick sick of everything. I’m fucking done. I wonder what the fuck it feels like to be able to lay around all day and not do shit. It’s getting harder and harder for me to keep my mouth shut so I’m pretty sure the shit will start hitting the fan. and I DARE anyone to come at me foul or try to say some shit about the way I do things. I will put you in your place real quick! No more fake nice. It is what it is for now on.